Mikey Allan

Rochebrun haute savoie

Rochebrune, Haute Savoie, France - 2018

A little about me.

Hello I’m Mikey Allan and I’m a designer. I was raised in Switzerland, surrounded by the beautiful alpine mountains. Although my heart resides in the mountains, I swapped them for the sea and currently live in Brighton.

I’m lucky to be running the super talented and awesome design team at Brandwatch. I value pushing boundaries, experimenting with new technology, never sitting still, keep learning and above all have fun and enjoy it.

I’ve been privileged to have worked alongside some of the brightest and most interesting minds in our industry. I was a designer at Clearleft and have worked with companies such as: BBC, Wellcome Collection, Penguin Random House, Kew Gardens and Tui Travel.

I always have a side project on the go (if not more than one) to keep me on my toes. My latest project is Peak, a hiking blog listing some of the great walks, hikes and hidden gems that I’ve been on.

When I’m not behind a screen I try and do the complete opposite; you can find me on hikes, bikes, boards, climbing and basically everything I can do before I get too old to do it.

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