Mikey Allan


So here we go, my first post on my first blog and I have no idea what to write, I also fear that these words are probably not that unique to a first post either, so fail on all sides.

A little background to me and this site just in case you didn’t read the home page, I’m Mikey and I’m a designer at Clearleft working on a number of digital projects. I’m interested in the communication and conversation of design.

As designers it’s very easy for us to be precious and defensive about what we create and sometimes the client just “doesn’t get it”.  The beauty of this world is that everyone is different, everyone has their strengths, weaknesses and can bring something unique to the table, however obnoxious they may seem to begin with.  An important skill to learn is how to identify with these different people and have a number of techniques in your arsenal to create an environment for the RIGHT conversation.

I have decided to write down all the different techniques I use and seen others use, which will be useful to me in the future and maybe useful to you too.

I am also interested in front end development and build many projects on the side but to say that I’m a developer is pushing it a little. With this in mind I will be writing up any new techniques or learnings I make from my own projects.

As this site is mostly for me I certainly hope I don’t disappoint myself.


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