Mikey Allan

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  1. Critique Cards

    Critique is a no brainer right? it’s an essential tool in any creative process. But it’s hard! When presented with a whole design it’s difficult to quickly evaluate that design against: brand, user needs, typography, balance, colour etc… Moreover someone with less experience in critique, may worry about feelings. In this example you hear lots of “I […]

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  2. Getting value from your design principles

    I often hear mixed views on principles. Some people feel that they are the bedrock of good design. Others feel that they are another corporate or strategic box to tick. A file that’s left somewhere in the depths of a hard drive slowly gathering dust. I actually think that both these views are right. “Strategic” work often […]

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  3. Natural peer environment

    We’ve all seen the importance of regular internal peer reviews and critiques. At Clearleft, as I’m sure in many companies, each discipline or team gets together weekly for one of these catch ups. For the designer we have a weekly critique. Each designer can present the work they’ve been doing and the others offer feedback. These weekly […]

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