A little about me!

I am a digital product designer and design lead. I am currently working a contract at Pfizer, helping improve the digital experiences for all users in their pharmaceutical ecosystem.

I have been lucky to have worked with some great companies like Pfizer, HMRC, BBC, Wellcome Collection, Kew Gardens and TUI Travel. Enthusiastically helping produce high quality, meaningful and user-centered experiences.

Prior to contracting, I was the Head of Commercial Design & Web at Brandwatch. I managed and grew a team of designers and developers, introduced new ways of working and improved processes.

My time working at award-winning agency Clearleft will always be a notable high point in my career. Beautiful offices and agency perks aside I was privileged to work alongside some of the brightest minds in our industry and on some of the most interesting projects.

My passion, skills, and experience are in the creative process. I prefer being away from my laptop, running workshops, setting direction and cutting through any BS to get to proper problem solving! My strengths are in people. Whether a lead or practitioner, I place my time and effort in the team. The sum is most certainly greater than it's parts and I truly believe a tight team can accomplish anything!