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Brandwatch product pages

Creating a new framework and structure for promoting our core product offering. Making sure that the presence of our products online reflect the quality and latest improvements.

Role / Product Owner

The challenge

The Brandwatch product pages didn’t reflect the current state of our products well. The brand and design looked dated. The page didn’t reflect the improvements and new features we developed. Moreover our product marketing strategy had changed, placing more focus on use cases over features.

Our task was to create a new suite of product pages. Which addressed the problems and unified patterns to present our products.

Product page research and workshop outputs

Our approach

Research: We performed interviews with customers and prospects to discover their needs and pain points. Ran competitor analysis and analysed our own website data. Gathered information from product marketing on how their strategy and positioning.

Content: We created a framework allowing the team to create consistent, more structured content. We ran workshops to discover hierarchy and define the IA (information architecture).

Wireframe designs using patterns to er layout

Design (product): Once we were confident on what we were presenting the users, we moved into the design phase to discover how we were going to do it.

We ran workshops to generate lots of ideas, identify new or unused patterns and voted on our favourites ones.

We identified our target personas and developed potential user journeys across the system. Validated our content decisions against their needs and potential journey.

Finally we took all our knowledge, designed, tested, critiqued and iterated on wireframes.

Design (communication): With the wireframes in place communication design can take centre stage. Blending our developing brand into a new UI style and asset design was tricky. There are no right or wrongs as this was totally new. With great collaboration between our art director and ui designer we managed to set a new visual style for Brandwatch. This now sets precedence for all our upcoming design work.

The final page design for the analytics product

The final page design for the image insights product

The final page design for the vizia product

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